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    SubjectRe: Suspend to RAM: help with whitelist wanted

    > > On , there's s2ram.c program for
    > > suspending machines. It contains whitelist of known machines, along
    > > with methods to get their video working (similar to
    > > Doc*/power/video.txt). Unfortunately, video.txt does not allow me to
    > > fill in whitelist automatically, so I need your help.
    > >
    > > I do not yet have solution for machines that need vbetool; fortunately
    > > my machines do not need that :-), and it is pretty complex (includes
    > > x86 emulator).
    > What about adding something like:
    > void s2ram_restore(void) {
    > if (needed)
    > fork_and_exec(vbetool);
    > }
    > machine_table could set a global flag or something. It would be
    > possibile to us an array to carry the informations about what need to be
    > done on restore, i.e. something like:

    I can imagine fork_and_exec... Disadvantages are:

    * if disk driver is toast, user does not see anything

    * vbetool can be missing from the system, or wrong version, or
    something like that.

    Other solution is to just integrate vbetool into s2ram. Advantages

    * s2ram is nicely integrated.

    Disadvantages are:

    * code duplication.

    If vbetool's primary purpose is to fix video after suspend/resume,
    then perhaps right thing to do is to integrate it into s2ram and
    maintain it there.

    Matthew, what do you think?

    Luca, would you cook quick&hacky fork-and-exec patch? I do not have
    machine that needs vbetool...
    Thanks, Sharp!
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