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SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
Joerg Schilling wrote:
> This are the three most important Linux kernel bugs:
> - ide-scsi does not do DMA if the DMAsize is not a multiple of 512
> A person who knows internal Linux structures shoule be able
> to fix this (and allow any multiple of 4) in less than one hour.
> If we sum up the time spend on this discussoion, I really cannot
> understand why this has not been fixed earlier.
> - /dev/hd* artificially prevents the ioctls SCSI_IOCTL_GET_IDLUN
> SCSI_IOCTL_GET_BUS_NUMBER from returning useful values.
> As long as this bug is present, there is no way to see SG_IO
> via /dev/hd* as integral part of the Linux SCSI transport concept.
> - If sending SCSI sia ATAPI, Linux under certain unknown conditions
> bastardizes the content of SCSI commands. A possible reason may be
> that it sends random data in the remainder between the actual
> SCSI cdb size and the ATAPI SCSI cdb size.
> ATAPI drives that verify SCSI cdb's for correctness fail in this
> case.
> Jörg
Would you be able to add the appropriate kernel bugzilla numbers?

I think it might also be useful to make a list of all the SCSI commands
that cdrecord uses. Including all the vendor specific ones. One could
then verify that the Linux kernel is passing them onto the device correctly.


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