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Subject[ 00/23] [Suspend2] Freezer Upgrade Patches
Hi everyone.

This set of patches represents the freezer upgrade patches from Suspend2.

The key features of this changeset are:

- Use of Christoph Lameter's todo list notifiers, which help with SMP
- Splitting the freezing of kernel and userspace processes. Freezing
currently suffers from a race because userspace processes can be
submitting work for kernel threads, thereby stopping them from
responding to freeze messages in a timely manner. The freezer can
thus give up when it doesn't really need to. (This is not normally
a problem only because load is not usually high).
- The use of bdev freezing to ensure filesystems are properly frozen,
thereby increasing the integrity of on-disk data in the case where
a resume doesn't occur. This is also helpful in the case of Suspend2,
where we don't atomically copy all memory, instead writing LRU pages

Signed-off-by: Nigel Cunningham <>

Nigel Cunningham nigel at suspend2 dot net
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