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SubjectRe: sched_yield() makes OpenLDAP slow
Howard Chu wrote:
> Robert Hancock wrote:

> > This says nothing about requiring a reschedule. The "scheduling policy"
> > can well decide that the thread which just released the mutex can
> > re-acquire it.
> No, because the thread that just released the mutex is obviously not one
> of the threads blocked on the mutex. When a mutex is unlocked, one of
> the *waiting* threads at the time of the unlock must acquire it, and the
> scheduling policy can determine that. But the thread the released the
> mutex is not one of the waiting threads, and is not eligible for
> consideration.

Is it *required* that the new owner of the mutex is determined at the
time of mutex release?

If the kernel doesn't actually determine the new owner of the mutex
until the currently running thread swaps out, it would be possible for
the currently running thread to re-aquire the mutex.

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