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SubjectRe: DMA Transfer problem
Harish K Harshan wrote:
> Hello,
> Im having problems with DMA transfer on Linux, for an ADC card. The
> card is AxiomTek AX5621H, and can use DMA channels 1 and 3. I tried
> both the channels, but the DMA transfers are irregular (i.e.) at
> different speeds (which of course is not acceptable, since that
> application is time critical). The device driver (which I wrote) seems
> to work fine for all the other systems I tried it on. But this problem
> occurs only on one particular model of computer (Chino-Laxsons
> Pentium-4 boards). I tried another system with the same configuration,
> but the same resulted. After some time of execution, I get the kernel
> panic screen, which says the CPU context is corrupt. Please help me
> with this problem, as I need to get this driver working somehow on the
> P4 systems. I tried the Redhat-9 kernel (2.4.20-8) and the debian
> kernel too (2.2.20).... gave the same results.
Could an ADC card be treated as a ALSA sound card PCM device.
That card seems to have features very similar to a sound card.
Sample rate.
Variable gain.

I only suggest this, because it could result in a driver that is much
easier to implement as ALSA supplies a lot of generalised support code
at the kernel level.


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