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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2][RESEND] Default iosched fixes (was: Fall back io scheduler for 2.6.15?)
On Fri, Jan 20 2006, Nate Diller wrote:
> My previous default iosched patch did a poor job dealing with the
> 'elevator=' boot-time option. The old behavior falls back to the
> compiled-in default if the requested one is not registered at boot
> time. This patch dynamically evaluates which default
> to use, and emits a suitable error message when the requested scheduler
> is not available. It also does the 'as' -> 'anticipatory' conversion
> before elevator registration, which along with a modified registration
> function, allows it to correctly indicate which default scheduler is
> in use.

I'm a little confused by your description - what problem does this patch
actually solve? We already fall back to the default, and we already do
the "as" conversion. It does seem to cleanup the code, just curious
since your description seems to promise a little more than what it
actually adds.

Jens Axboe

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