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SubjectRe: My vote against eepro* removal
On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 18:01 -0800, John Ronciak wrote:
> There is a timer routine in the eepro100 driver which does the check
> for link as well as a check for on of the hang conditions (with
> work-around). It does the check for link in a different way than
> e100. e100 uses mii call where eepro100 does it manually. Another
> difference is that eepro100 doesn't get stats unless called by the
> system. It's not in the timer routine at all.
> Can we try a couple of things? 1) just comment out all the check for
> link code in the e100 driver and give that a try and 2) just comment
> out the update stats call and see if that works. These seem to be the
> differences and we need to know which one is causing the problem.

Heh, FWIW, Microsoft found this exact same bug with 2 different chipsets
in their latency testing (see section 4.4):


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