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SubjectRe: CONFIG_MK6 = lsof hangs unkillable

On 15-Jan-06, at 10:43 PM, Tony Mantler wrote:

> I'm having trouble running lsof on when the kernel is
> compiled with CONFIG_MK6. When run as root, lsof will segfault, and
> when run as a user lsof will hang unkillable.
> The same kernel, same machine, but compiled with CONFIG_MK7 runs
> just lsof just fine.

To follow up on this, it appears that things are getting stuck while
reading /proc/*/maps, specifically it hangs in fs/proc/task_mmu.c in
m_start() at down_read(&mm->mmap_sem). The same thing happens when
trying to readlink /proc/*/exe.

I'm really not sure why this lock is getting stuck. Can anyone
reproduce this?

Tony 'Nicoya' Mantler -- Master of Code-fu --
-- -- --

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