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SubjectRe: Dual core Athlons and unsynced TSCs
On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 02:21:23AM +0100, Andreas Steinmetz wrote:
> > neither of these are fixes, but by understanding the different costs
> > people can choose the work around they want to use while waiting for a
> > better fix.
> The problem being that some of us use their laptops for audio work too.
> And then high battery usage, noisy fans or lack of high res timers will
> be really bad.
> Simple example:
> I do final mastering work using my laptop and Ardour/Jack/JAMin out of
> house in a place with a good stage audio system (Mackie mixer, 2KW
> Dynacord Amp/Syrincs S3) and a sufficient listening space to get a
> proper bass mix. I run on battery in this case to avoid any kind of
> audio interference (ground loops, etc). Now thinking of a dual core
> laptop...

Fixes are coming, just need to sort out the fidlly bits.
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