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    SubjectRe: no carrier when using forcedeth on MSI K8N Neo4-F
    "linux-os \(Dick Johnson\)" <> writes:

    > You need to use the correct kind of cross-over cable for the Gigabit
    > ports.

    Correct, with all pairs crossed.
    I don't force-death but I think most gigabit cards (and some 100BaseTX)
    work with plain cable as well (using auto MDI-X, and auto-polarity
    if needed).

    > Then, you need to set both ports manually because there
    > is no hardware (the switch) to handle the auto-configuration. The
    > default is usually `autoneg on`. This tells the switch to
    > auto-configure. Connected to another port, not a switch, this
    > means nothing and the device remains dormant.

    Again, I don't know nforce, but normal cards with autonegotiation
    (i.e., (almost?) all 100BaseTX and newer) can negotiate speed and
    duplex without need for a switch. BTW from net POI switches and
    cards are DTEs, there is no special distinction WRT autonegotiation.
    Krzysztof Halasa
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