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SubjectRe: no carrier when using forcedeth on MSI K8N Neo4-F

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, Arne R. van der Heyde wrote:

> I am trying to connect two identical MSI K8N Neo4-F servers with NVIDIA
> nForce4 gigabit Lan ports. When the two ports are connected together via
> a crossover cable, neither computer is able to detect a carrier on the
> Lan ports and are not able to communicate. When either of the nForce4
> gigabit port is connected to a Lan port on another computer with a
> different Lan hardware or to a port on a switch the forcedeth drivers
> detect a carrier and are able to communicate.

You need to use the correct kind of cross-over cable for the Gigabit
ports. Then, you need to set both ports manually because there
is no hardware (the switch) to handle the auto-configuration. The
default is usually `autoneg on`. This tells the switch to
auto-configure. Connected to another port, not a switch, this
means nothing and the device remains dormant.

You do this with `ethtool`. Set both to full-duplex and they should
work. Also, there is no "carrier". This is all multi-phase NRZ.

> It appears that the nForce4 Gigabit ports are not generating a carrier.
> Does the nForce4 not provide standard ethernet ports? If they are
> standard ethernet ports, how do I tell forcedeth to generate a carrier?
> Also how do I get forcedeth to run at a Gigabit?
> Thanks for any help,
> Best regards,
> Arne R. van der Heyde
> Summit Instruments Inc.
> 2236 N. Cleveland-Massillon Rd.
> Akron, Ohio 44333-1255 USA
> Phone (330)659-3312
> Fax (330)659-3286

Dick Johnson
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