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SubjectRe: [ck] Re: 2.6.15-ck1
On 1/5/06, Kevin Radloff <> wrote:
> On 1/4/06, Con Kolivas <> wrote:
> Perhaps fixing the biggest offenders of timer (mis?)use would benefit
> everyone all-around. I haven't really been able to identify who those
> are though, given the lack of sorting in timertop and its
> seemingly-haphazard ordering of data (or is it there and I've missed
> it?).

Timertop itself tries to not steals to much cpu whereas tries to be
less intrusive as possible. So ordering is not available yet.
But one can have a backgroud aquisition of data using:

timertop -t 50

There will be 50 s of aquisition saved in a text file so that you can
do some post-processing and order it properly.

Daniel Petrini
INdT - Manaus
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