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Subject-mm seems significanty slower than mainline on kernbench
OK, I fixed the graphs so you can actually read them now ;-) (x86_64 4x) (NUMA-Q) (4x SMP ia32)

Both seems significantly slower on -mm (mm is green line)

If I look at diffprofile between 2.6.15 and 2.6.15-mm1, it just looks
like we have lots more idle time. You got strange scheduler changes in
there, that you've been carrying for a long time (2.6.14-mm1 at least)?
or HZ piddling? See to be mainly getting much more idle time.


1278 39.6% default_idle
1261 10.1% total
243 1518.8% find_get_page
220 0.0% copy_user_generic
100 357.1% free_hot_cold_page
-106 -93.0% __pagevec_free
-125 -100.0% __free_pages_ok
-239 -100.0% copy_user_generic_c
-242 -100.0% find_trylock_page

Original profiles:

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