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SubjectRe: [GIT PATCHES] kbuild updates

On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Please pull from:
> ssh://

Ok, pulled.

However, fixing up a trivial conflict in i386/Makefile, I noticed this:

cflags-$(CONFIG_REGPARM) += $(shell if [ $(call cc-version) -ge 0300 ] ; then \
echo "-mregparm=3"; fi ;)

and it strikes me that this is WRONG.

It's wrong for some subtle reasons: it means that CONFIG_REGPARM is set
whether or not it is actually _used_, which means that anybody who depends
on CONFIG_REGPARM in the sources is just screwed.

Now, for this particular usage, the only breakage is in the i386
<asm/module.h>, which will report "REGPARM" in MODULE_REGPARM regardless
of whether the kernel was compiled with -mregparm=3 or not. So it's mainly

But it strikes me that we'd be a _lot_ better off if the Kconfig phase
would check the compiler version, instead of us checking it dynamically a
hundred times in the Makefiles. It would be more efficient, and we could
make things like this more _correct_.


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