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SubjectRe: what will connect the fork() with its following code ? a simple example below:
On Tue, 06 Sep 2005 17:15:51 +0800, "Sat." said:

Not a kernel problem, please consult an intro-to-C list next time....

> if(!(pid=fork())){
> ......
> printk("in child process");
> ......
> }else{
> .....
> printk("in father process");
> .....
> }

> values., and do nothing . so the bridge between the new process and
> its following code, printk("in child process"), seems disappear

I'm assuming you actually meant printf() (which is the userspace stdio call)
rather than printk() (which is the inside-the-kernel variant).

'man setbuf' - most likely the output of the child process is buffered and
never actually output before it exits. You want to set stdout to be
line-buffered or unbuffered, or write to stderr (unbuffered by default) rather
than stdout.

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