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Subject[PATCHSET] 2.6.13-git3-bird1
	While waaaaay overdue, "fixes and sparse annotations" tree is finally
going public. This version is basically a starting point - there will be
much more stuff to merge.

Right now it builds with allmodconfig[1] on the following set:
alpha (UP and SMP), amd64 (UP and SMP), arm (RPC, versatile), i386, ia64,
m32r, m68k (sans sun3), ppc (6xx, 44x, chestnut), ppc64, sparc, sparc64,
s390 (31 and 64bit) and uml (i386 and amd64)[2].

Amount of sparse and gcc4 warnings is moderate on all of the
above - there's no "drowns everything in noise" stuff left. There _are_
nasty areas (drm, some of the sata, several mem* helpers with constant
arguments), but at least that's easy to isolate. Tracking build log
changes for regressions had been fairly easy so far; quite a few chunks
in there (as well as already merged stuff) had been found that way,
so for now I'd say that it's usable.

Current patchset is on -
patch-2.6.13-git3-bird1.bz2 is combined patch, patchset/* is the splitup.
Long description of patches is in patchset/set*, short log is in the end of
this posting. Current build and sparse logs are in logs/*/{log17b,S-log17b}.
Eventually I'll probably have to use rcs for them - they are large and change

Patchset will change pretty fast; for one thing, most of the stuff
in there is easily mergable, for another - sparse patches here are just
dealing with the most annoying noise sources. There will be more and folks
are more than welcome to send sane annotation patches for merge.

Have fun - it's just getting started...

[1] configs being tracked are of allmodconfig-with-fixed-subset variety; e.g.
alpha-UP is "set as much as possible to y or m, with CONFIG_SMP not set", etc.
See config/* for currently tracked ones.

[2] toolkit for cross-toolchains will be re-posted on anonftp pretty soon;
ditto for details on cross-build setups, etc.

Short log of the current patchset follows:
linus-delta Changes in Linus' tree since -git3


I0-kconfig Teaches allmodconfig to pin a set of options in given
state [NB: rz has another variant; this is just a temporary]
I1-CHECKFLAGS Allows to add stuff to CHECKFLAGS from command line
I2-disable-DI disables CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO for test builds

Kconfig fixes:

B2-rio rio is too broken to mess with; marked as such
B7-floppy sanitized and fixed floppy dependencies
B12-broken-on-big-endian new kconfig symbol: BROKEN_ON_BIG_ENDIAN.
B17-m32r-smc combination of M32R, SMC91X and ISA is broken
B22-mtd-xip MTD_XIP is there only for two subarchitectures of ARM - PXA
and SA1100 [not for merge; cleaner variant needed]
B23-8390 8390 fixes - part 1 (generic and arm/etherh)
B33-m68k-8390 8390 fixes - part 2 (m68k ones)
B41-s390-phy PHYLIB is broken on s390
B42-mga drm/mga is broken if AGP is not enabled

Pure compile fixes:

C0-envctrl envctrl fixes
C15-mv643xx_eth mv643xx_eth ifdefs [not for merge; dwmw2 has objections]
C32-segment missed gratitious includes of asm/segment.h
B40-mxser-sparc32 more sparc32 dependencies fallout
C33-mxser another missed asm/segment.h, real fix for problem B40 marks
C34-uli526x missing include in uli526x.c
C35-ipw2200 missing include (ipw2200)
C36-sunsu sunsu compile fixes

Misc bug fixes:
F6-zatm dereference of uninitialized pointer in zatm

Crap spotted by gcc and sparse:

O3-s2io-u64 s2io u64 use for uintptr_t
S0-chelsio chelsio sparse annotations
S1-e1000 iomem annotations (e1000)
S2-s2io-iomem iomem annotations (s2io)
S3-ipw2100 iomem annotations, NULL noise removal (ipw2100)
S4-scsi-ch __user annotations (drivers/scsi/ch.c)
S5-ahci iomem annotations (ahci)
S6-sata_nv iomem annotations (sata_nv)
S7-sata_sx4 iomem annotations (sata_sx4)
S8-sata_qstor enum safety (sata_qstor)
S9-aaci iomem annotations (aaci)
S10-ethtool __user annotations (ethtool)
S14-m32r-user basic __user annotations (m32r)
S15-armv-iomem basic iomem annotations (arm-versatile)
S16-m32r-iomem missing basic iomem annotations (m32r)
S17-ia64-user missing basic __user annotations (ia64)
S18-rpc-iomem saner casts in arm-rpc IOMEM()
S19-sparse-m32r pass definition of __BIG_ENDIAN__ to sparse (m32r)

m68k patches:

C16-dmasound-lvalues lvalues abuse in dmasound
C17-dmasound-extern compile fixes for dmsound (static vs. extern)
C18-sun3ints static vs. extern in sun3ints.h
C19-sun3_pgtable bogus function argument types (sun3_pgtable.h)
C20-amigaints static vs. extern in amigaints.h
C21-atyfb-typo dumb typo in atyfb
C22-mac8390 lvalues abuse in mac8390
C23-lance lvalues abuse in lance
C24-82596-apricot wrong ifdefs in 82596
C25-scc static vs. extern in scc
C26-m68k-reset memory input should be an lvalue (mac/misc.c)
C27-m68k-mul broken constraints on mulu.l
C28-isa_type isa_{type,sex} should be exported (m68k)
B34-oktagon oktagon makefile fix
B35-82596 Kconfig fix (82596)
B36-mac-fonts Kconfig fix (mac vs. FONTS)
T0-task_thread_info task_thread_info - part 1/5
T1-other-helpers task_thread_info - part 2/5
T2-includes task_thread_info - part 3/5
T3-m68k task_thread_info - part 4/5
T4-m68k-flags task_thread_info - part 5/5
m68k-adb.patch ADBREQ_RAW missing declaration (from m68k CVS)
S11-m68k-iomem basic iomem annotations (m68k)
S13-m68k-user basic __user annotations (m68k)
C37-amigahw gratitious namespace pollution in amigahw

UML patches:
jd1 -- jd9 Pending patches from jdike's 9-patch set
S12-uml-user basic __user annotations (uml)
UM1-stubs [UML] segv_stubs fixes
UM2-signal [UML] copy_sc_..._user_tt() fixes
UM4-uml-checker [UML] getting sparse to work for uml
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