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    SubjectRe: RFC: i386: kill !4KSTACKS
    On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Adrian Bunk wrote:

    > How do you put pressure on hardware manufacturers for getting them to
    > release the specs?
    > If they are able to write "supported by Linux" on their products anyway
    > because there's a driver that runs under NdisWrapper?

    that's specious... they can put "supported by Linux" on their products by
    supplying a binary-only driver too... ndiswrapper is orthogonal to that

    on a tangent... has there been any further research/work on page
    clustering? wli's patches haven't been updated in a while... it's another
    way to supply larger stacks. (hell with 16KiB "pages" i'd be stoked to
    "waste" the bottom 4KiB of each stack with an unmapped page to ensure
    overflow is detected.)

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