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SubjectRe: I request inclusion of SAS Transport Layer and AIC-94xx into the kernel
On 09/30/05 18:04, Andre Hedrick wrote:
> No true, many of us could careless about credit list.

I wasn't talking about you. They know who they are.

> Sometimes teaching others is a better way to bring them around to your
> view point while learning about their goals. Since everyone/most agree
> your T10 knowledge is strong, others have pointed out you are savy enough
> to work around problems over fixing them in general. Blah blah ...

Thank you Andre.

> Just show everyone why it can not work the "Linux Way" and defend the
> points logically. Should the defense of it not be possible, then the
> point is lost.

I think I have. All the references to T10, all the pictures
to the email you replied to which you deleted, all the words.

> SPECs become crap when organizations like STA with T10 make joining and
> voting on the technology under NCITS $10,000.00 annual membership. This
> is old boys club rules, otherwise I would have joined and terrorized T10
> like I did to T13. Exclusion breeds distrust.

Well, the reflector is open to everyone.

Of course voting-membership is expensive. And it should be so.
They don't want every "Joe" (no offence to Joe or to LKML or LSML
participants) to participate.

If you are a voting member then you really have a reason, you really
know what you're talking about and voting for and you really are
serious. It means that you or your company care.
It also becoms quickly enough obvious if you know your stuff
after a meeting or two.


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