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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Splitting out kernel<=>userspace ABI headers
    Erik Andersen wrote:
    > I assume you are worried about the stuff under asm that ends up
    > being included by nearly every header file in the world. Of
    > course asm must use double-underscore types. But the thing is,
    > the vast majority of the kernel headers live under
    > linux/include/linux/ and do not use double-underscore types, they
    > use kernel specific, non-underscored types such as s8, u32, etc.
    > My copy of IEEE 1003.1 and my copy of ISO/IEC 9899:1999 both fail
    > to prohibit using the shiny new ISO C99 type for the various
    > #include <linux/*> header files, which is what I was suggesting.
    > The world would be so much nicer a place if user space were free
    > to #include linux/* header files rather than keeping a
    > per-project private copy of all kernel structs of interest. And
    > where these kernel headers would #include stdint.h and define
    > their stucts in terms of ISO C99 types. I see nothing at all in
    > the standards preventing such a change,

    Exportable types need to be double-underscore types, because the header
    files in user space that would include them can generally not include

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