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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.13] libata: Marvell SATA support (PIO mode)
    Tyler wrote:
    > Brett Russ wrote:
    >> Some (non-functional) cleanup modifications since the version 0.10
    >> driver I sent out 2005-08-30. Also adding signed-off-by for Jeff's
    >> upstream push. This is my libata compatible low level driver for
    >> the Marvell SATA family. Currently it successfully runs in PIO mode
    >> on a 6081 chip. EDMA support is in the works and should be done
    >> shortly. Review, testing (especially on other flavors of Marvell),
    >> comments welcome.
    >> Thank you,
    >> BR
    >> Signed-off-by: Brett Russ <>
    > [snip..]
    > Please find attached patches that add the Adaptec 1420SA controller to
    > the PCI ID list in the driver, and a small note in the kernel config
    > option to state so. This is untested as of currently, if anyone has a
    > 1420SA to try, that would be great.. The one I had access to is now
    > gone to a remote location out of reach for testing. I read in one post
    > I found with google, that the 1420SA uses a 6541 chip instead of a 6041,
    > but I am not able to verify this, and also don't know if it may still
    > work as a 6041. The card is still a Sata2, PCI-X card, with 4 ports,
    > the same as the 6041 based cards. This patch may or may not be
    > useful.. The card comes with a manufacturer ID of 9005 according to a
    > linux PCI-ID list, which is a secondary id of Adaptec's known as
    > ADAPTEC2, and an actual PCI Id of 0241.

    I would prefer to have it tested, before accepting this patch...


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