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    SubjectRE: 2.6.13-mm1: hangs during boot ...
    >> > Please then try the latest ACPI patch here:
    >> >
    >> > It should apply to vanilla 2.6.13 with a reject in ia64/Kconfig
    >> > that you can ignore.
    >> >
    >> > If this works, then we munged git-acpi.patch in
    >2.6.13-mm1 somehow.
    >> There were no problems with this patch applied. So it
    >looks like the
    >> munge theory is correct.
    >That diff is significantly different from the diff I plucked from
    >for 2.6.13-mm1.
    >Doing (patch -R | grep FAILED) on 2.6.13-mm1 says:

    is newers than 2.6.13-rc1's git-acpi.patch

    is a closer match -- though not exact.

    Peter, it might be illustrative if you have a moment
    if you can also test 2.6.13/acpi-20050815-2.6.13.diff.gz
    all by itself.

    If it fails, then I broke -mm1
    with acpi-20050815-2.6.13.diff.gz, but fixed
    it by acpi-20050902-2.6.13.diff.gz.

    If it succeeds, then the issue lies in the relatively small delta
    between acpi-20050815-2.6.13.diff.gz 2.6.13-mm1's git-acpi.patch.


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