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SubjectRe: [PATCH] earlier allocation of order 0 pages from pcp in __alloc_pages
> I will update/streamline __alloc_pages code and send the patch.
>> It looks like we're now dropping into direct reclaim as the first thing
>> in __alloc_pages before even trying to kick off kswapd. When the hell
>> did that start? Or is that only meant to trigger if we're already below
>> the low watermark level?
> As Andrew said in the other mail that do_reclaim is never true so the
> first reclaim never happens. That also means that we don't look at pcp
> for the scenarios when zone has run below the low water mark before
> waking kswapd.
>> What do we want to do at a higher level?
>> if (order 0) and (have stuff in the local lists)
>> take from local lists
>> else if (we're under a little pressure)
>> do kswapd reclaim
>> else if (we're under a lot of pressure)
>> do direct reclaim?
>> That whole code area seems to have been turned into spagetti, without
>> any clear comments.
> Agreed.

Thanks. I didn't mean you'd done so, BTW ... just many iterations of people
stacking more and more stuff on top without it ever getting cleaned up,
and it's got a bit silly ;-)


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