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SubjectRe: [PATCH] earlier allocation of order 0 pages from pcp in __alloc_pages
"Martin J. Bligh" <> wrote:
> It looks like we're now dropping into direct reclaim as the first thing
> in __alloc_pages before even trying to kick off kswapd. When the hell
> did that start? Or is that only meant to trigger if we're already below
> the low watermark level?

That's all the numa goop which Martin Hicks added. It's all disabled if
z->reclaim_pages is zero (it is). However we could be testing that flag a
bit earlier, I think.

And yeah, some de-spaghettification would be nice. Certainly before adding
more logic.

Martin, should we take out the early zone reclaim logic? It's all
unreachable at present anyway.

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