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SubjectRe: AIO Support and related package information??

hi Sebastien ,

I am having yet another query related to AIO Support

1)As you mentioned that aio posix support is provided
by glibc also so can you tell me on the performance
basis which one is better (glibc implementation or
libposix implementation ) and how do we measure the

I have compiled glibc with following command

gcc -g $1.c -o $1 -lrt -lpthread

2)What posix features is supported by bare kernel and
libposix implementation, without applying the
patches.I have broken down my query in following

2.1) aio_read/aio_write is supported but what
limitation are there

2.2) aio_fsync is supported or not

2.3) what are the limitation with lio_listio

2.4) what are the additional feature it provides for
aio_cancel implementation

3) Is glibc implementation is providing all the above
mentioned fetures

4) Is there any test program that can measure
efficiency for both glibc and libposix implementation

With Thanks in advance

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