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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] netfilter : 3 patches to boost ip_tables performance
James Morris a écrit :
> Do you have any performance measurements?

Yes, as I said in the first mail :

>In oprofile results, ipt_do_table() was at the first position.
>It is now at 6th position, using 1/3 of the CPU it was using before.
>(Tests done on a dual Xeon i386 and a dual Opteron x86_64)

On the dual opteron machine, with 40.000 packets coming per second, and 35.000
sent per second, the numbers were : 12.8 % before the patches, 4.4 % after the

I dont have separate perf measurements for each patch.

Considering the fact that I inlined the read_lock_bh() call (not displayed in
oprofile results, probably because of the special .spinlock.text section) that
should have increased the profile of ipt_do_table(), thats a lot of CPU cycles
and mem bandwitdh that are available for other jobs.


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