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SubjectRe: Arrr! Linux v2.6.14-rc2
Sean wrote:
> On Tue, September 20, 2005 10:25 am, Gene Heskett said:
>>Humm, what are they holding out for, more ram or more cpu?:-)
>>FWIW, doesn't show it either just now.
> Gene,
> While snapshots will no doubt be working again shortly, you
> might want to consider using git. It reduces the amount you have to
> download for each release a lot.
> It's really easy to grab a copy of git and use it to grab the kernel:
> mkdir kernel
> cd kernel
> wget
> tar -xvjf git-core-0.99.7.tar.bz2
> cd git-core-0.99.7
> make install
> cd ..
> git clone \
> rsync:// \
> linux
> cd linux
> git checkout
> The above is given as an attachment as well because of annoying word wrap
> issues with the long url's. Anyway, after that you can stay current with
> the latest Linus release with a simple "git pull".

But that pulls the current tree, doesn't it? Not the git release?

For purposes of bug reporting and fixing, I would think that having some
reproducible version is superior. If I say git3, anyone can get it, it
would appear that "git pull" isn't as deterministic.

-bill davidsen (
"The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
last possible moment - but no longer" -me
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