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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] suspend: Cleanup calling of power off methods. (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:
    > > Famous last words, but the actual patch volume _has_ to drop off one day.
    > > In fact there doesn't seem to much happening out there wrt 2.6.15.
    > Due to changes coming through git or that there will simply be fewer
    > things that need to be patched?

    We're at -rc2 and I only have only maybe 100 patches tagged for 2.6.15 at
    this time. The number of actual major features lined up for 2.6.15 looks
    relatively small too.

    As I said, famous last words. But we have to finish this thing one day ;)

    > As for 2.6.15 I know I have patches in the queue that I intend to send
    > out later this week, which probably count. I wonder if other developers
    > are similar.

    Possibly. Quite a few of the git trees are looking pretty fat. I need to
    get another kernel-status thingy out soon, but that takes many hours of

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