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    SubjectRe: [AIO] aio-2.6.13-rc6-B1
    On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 14:44 -0400, Benjamin LaHaise wrote:
    > The bugfix followup to the last aio rollup is now available at:
    > with the split up in:
    > This fixes the bugs noticed in the -B0 variant. Major changes in this
    > patchset are:
    > - added aio semaphore ops
    > - aio thread based fallbacks
    > - vectored aio file_operations
    > - aio sendmsg/recvmsg via thread fallbacks
    > - retry based aio pipe operations
    > Comments?
    > -ben

    Hi Ben,

    what's the point of calling wake_up_locked(&sem->wait) in
    aio_down_wait? We're already in a wakeup path and end up
    calling __wake_up_common recursively.

    I think it may be one of the cause of my kernel hanging at the
    very beginning.

    When I remove this call things go further but at some point a
    semaphore wait queue gets thrashed and __wake_up_common tries to
    call an invalid callback function.

    Any input appreciated.



    Sébastien Dugué BULL/FREC:B1-247
    phone: (+33) 476 29 77 70 Bullcom: 229-7770

    Linux POSIX AIO:


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