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SubjectRe: I request inclusion of reiser4 in the mainline kernel
Horst von Brand wrote:

>Nikita Danilov <> wrote:
>It is supposed to go into the kernel, which is not exactly warning-free.
While I have no passionate feelings about Nikita's ifdef, I must note
that Reiser4 will always be warning free within 3 days of my finding out
that somebody left a warning in.;-)

I hate messy code.;-)

The rest of the kernel should be fixed to be warning free.

>Besides, you don't know what idiotic new warnings the gcc people might
>dream up the next round, so just relying on no warnings is extremely
I find the above unconvincing.

Is that what this thread boils down to, that you guys think the compile
should fail not warn?

>As was said before: It it is /really/ wrong, arrange for it not to compile
>or not to link. If it isn't, well... then it wasn't that wrong anyway.

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