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    SubjectRe: reboot vs poweroff
    Pavel Machek <> writes:

    > Hi!
    >> Thanks.
    >> This is clearly a code path I missed when I was fixing things.
    >> When I made the final acpi change I checked for any other users
    >> of device_suspend and it seems I was blind and missed this one.
    >> Looking again...
    >> The patch in the bug report looks correct. However it is still
    >> a little incomplete. In particular the reboot notifier is not
    >> being called, and since not everything has been converted into
    >> using shutdown methods that could lead to some other inconsistent
    >> behavior.
    >> Does anyone have any problems with the patch below?
    >> If not I will send this off to Linus..
    > Yes. kernel_suspend is *way* too generic name. kernel_suspend_off?
    > kernel_powe_off_suspend?

    Darn. You have a point there.

    >> @@ -420,6 +421,15 @@ void kernel_power_off(void)
    >> }
    >> EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(kernel_power_off);
    >> +int kernel_suspend(void)
    >> +{
    >> + notifier_call_chain(&reboot_notifier_list, SYS_POWER_OFF, NULL);
    >> + system_state = SYSTEM_POWER_OFF;
    >> + device_shutdown();
    >> + return pm_ops->enter(PM_SUSPEND_DISK);
    >> +}
    >> +EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(kernel_suspend);
    >> +
    > Are you sure pm_ops exists in !CONFIG_PM case?

    Hmm. Good point. I hadn't considered that. I am now certain
    it only exists when CONFIG_PM is set.

    Thinking about it more I probably want to simply have a
    kernel_power_off_shutdown(); common factor and call
    that instead of device_shutdown().

    Ok some sleep and then I will see if I can better version of this

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