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    SubjectRe: [x86_64] Exception when using powernowd.

    Written by Andrew Morton <>
    at Fri, 2 Sep 2005 17:24:37 -0700 :
    Subject: Re: [x86_64] Exception when using powernowd.

    akpm> Kyuma Ohta <> wrote:
    akpm> >
    akpm> > I'm using MSI K8T Neo2 (VIA K8T800 chipset) and Athlon64 3000+
    akpm> > with linux x86_64 2.6.13 kernel and Debian/sid.
    akpm> > When enable powernow-k8 (i.e. using powernowd,cpudyn) to
    akpm> > saving power, some process is down by null protection and
    akpm> > system is unstable.
    akpm> > Then disabling powernow-k8,and reboot, system is very stable.
    akpm> >
    akpm> > I attach any log,please give me a advice.
    akpm> Did earlier kernels work OK? Can you identify the most recent 2.6 kernel
    akpm> which didn't have this bug?

    Without powernow! feature, works fine.(I tested every -rc kernel
    after 2.6.8 for x86_64).
    With powernow! feature,works bad at least after 2.6.11-rc*.

    I'm using xserver-xorg at debian,6.8.2-dfsg.1-5 happend OOPS
    at any process using X any older kernel, but update X to 6.8.2-6,
    any processes not/with using X got null exception and down
    when enable powernow! feature :-(
    What happened?

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