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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.6.13 breaks libpcap (and tcpdump).
John McGowan <> wrote:
> Kernel 2.6.13. Breaks libpcap.
> Fedora Core 2, gcc 3.3.3, Pentium III (933MHz)
> I had written about my dismay that traceproto and tcptraceroute
> no longer worked and suspected that libnet was broken.
> It seems that it is libpcap that is broken by kernel 2.6.13 and
> tcpdump itself no longer works.
> Well, it works ... but not correctly.
> Capture data, then look for ICMP messages
> (e.g. Time Exceeded errors as in a traceroute)
> by filtering the file.
> tcpdump -w 1.cap
> tcpdump -f "ip proto \icmp" -r 1.cap
> That works.
> Filter incoming data, looking for ICMP messages:
> tcpdump -f "ip proto \icmp"
> Well, that catches nothing.
> I tried recompiling (source RPM, Fedora Core 2) tcpdump
> (libpcap, tcpdump, etc.) and reinstalling. That did not
> fix the problem with tcpdump.
> It also broke a tethereal script I was using (which I changed
> to capture all packets, which works as indicated above, and
> then used a '-R', read, filter to display the one's I want).

(cc netdev)
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