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SubjectRe: I request inclusion of reiser4 in the mainline kernel
Hans Reiser writes:


> Well maybe he should just go away then and save his and our time.
> Reiser4 works just fine without Christoph. Users are happy with it.
> None of them have asked for his help. I don't consider Christoph to be
> qualified to work on our filesystem. I would not hire him if he applied
> --- he is not capable of innovative work.

Hans, it seems you misunderstand what is going on.

Necessary prerequisite for reiser4 inclusion is a review by file system
people. Christoph is doing this _work_. You know what it is to review
somebody else code? It's a hard work. He is doing it for free.

If he goes away---reiser4 wouldn't somehow magically be immediately
included into kernel. It'll wait for review---for the next person to
come and to do this work. And that person will most likely point to the
very same things that hch does now only after a delay. Maybe with
slightly more polished style (hair style included) though. :-)

So, please be a little more patient.

> Reiser4 is far from perfect, but it is ready for more users.

This is not what is being discussed, stop red-herring, please.


> >
> Yes, which is why people who have not written a serious filesystem
> should not instruct those who have written the measurably fastest one.

Somebody has to review reiser4 code. If you can persuade somebody else
to do the review, do this.


> V4, as it is today, is as much superior to V3 as OS/2 was to DOS. Any

One way in which half-OS was superior to DOS was how spectacularly the
former project failed after a lot of hype. :-)

> distro or user who would stay with V3 for new installs once we have
> passed mass testing is nuts. We need the mass testing.
> Hans

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