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Subject[AUTO-REPLY] Re: notification
Since August 31, 2004, I have not been an employee of easyDNS 
Technologies Inc..

However, since that time, I have continued to receive and respond to
email at this address, since many of my acquaintances and business
contacts only know of this email account as the way to get in touch.

It's now May 2005, almost everyone I know has my new address (see below),
and this account is becoming nothing more than a magnet for spam and
other junk, I have stopped checking it, and all messages are being
deleted immediately upon receipt.

So ...

If you need to talk to someone regarding easyDNS, please visit the
website at or email, or
contact the office by phone (1.416.535.8672 or toll-free in North America
at 1.888.677.4741).

If you need talk to me (and you aren't trying to sell me discount
prescription pills, a low-rate renewal on my mortgage, or an enlarger of
any kind), then please resend your email to:

(my_first_name) @ (my_last_name) .ca


Colin Viebrock
Co-Founder, easyDNS Technologies Inc.
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