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    SubjectRe: [patch] stop inotify from sending random DELETE_SELF event under load

    On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, John McCutchan wrote:
    > Below is a patch that fixes the random DELETE_SELF events when the
    > system is under load. The problem is that the DELETE_SELF event is sent
    > from dentry_iput, which is called in two code paths,
    > 1) When a dentry is being deleted
    > 2) When the dcache is being pruned.

    No no.

    The problem is that you put the "fsnotify_inoderemove(inode);" in the
    wrong place, and I and Al never noticed.

    iput() doesn't have anything to do with delete at all, and adding a flag
    to it would be wrong. The inode may stay around _after_ the unlink() for
    as long as it has users (or much longer, if you have hardlinks ;).

    You should probably move the "fsnotify_inoderemove(inode);" call into
    generic_delete_inode() instead, just after "security_inode_delete()". No
    new flags, just a new place.

    (Oh, I think you need to add it to "hugetlbfs_delete_inode()" too).

    There's still a potential problem there: some network filesystems seem to
    use "generic_delete_inode()" as their "drop_inode" thing. Which may mean
    that you get spurious delete messages when the reference is dropped. I
    don't see how to avoid that, though - we fundamentally don't _know_ when
    the inode actually gets deleted.

    Al, do you have any comments? Anything stupid I missed?

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