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SubjectRe: ctime set by truncate even if NOCMTIME requested
må den 19.09.2005 Klokka 15:58 (-0500) skreiv Steve French:
> Trond Myklebust wrote:
> >It is quite correct for the kernel to request that the filesystem set
> >ctime/mtime on successful calls to open(O_TRUNC).
> >
> >
> >
> I agree that it is correct to set ctime/mtime here, just not convinced
> it it worth setting it twice which is what will happen for non-local fs.
> client truncate -> client setattr(for both size and ctime) -> server
> setattr (which will have a sideffect of ctime to be set on the server,
> not just the change to file size) and then another call to the server to
> set the ctime (which will end up setting ctime twice - one to the
> (correct) server's time and once to the less correct client's time.

If the VFS sets ATTR_[ACM]TIME, you should always assume that you are
being requested to set the [acm]time to server time. Doesn't CIFS allow
you that option?


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