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SubjectRe: I request inclusion of reiser4 in the mainline kernel
On 9/18/05, Nikita Danilov <> wrote:
> Denis Vlasenko writes:
> > On Friday 16 September 2005 20:05, Hans Reiser wrote:
> > You can declare functions even if you never use them.
> > Thus here you can avoid using #if/#endif:
> It's other way around: declaration is guarded by the preprocessor
> conditional so that nobody accidentally use znode_is_loaded() outside of
> the debugging mode.
Except it doesn't disallow someone from using znode_is_loaded, if you
wanted to do that you would have done this....
#if defined(REISER4_DEBUG) || defined(WHATEVER_ELSE)
int znode_is_loaded(const znode * node /* znode to query */ );
#define znode_is_loaded(I_dont_care_you_are_going_to_) \
} )die(]0now[>anyway<}}}}}}*bye*}
That way instead of silently(or -Wmissing-prototypes gving a warning)
quessing at a prototype and *maybe* geting a link time error, you get
a nice compile-time bomb-out.

So unless you have -Wmissing-prototypes and -Werror set then your
#if/#endif does very little indeed, especially with the size of kernel
it's easy to ignore yet another warning even if the missing-prototype
warning was set.
And if you would have gotten a link error then that is what you were
really depending on to save your bacon.

P.S. I'd make the define one line if gmail didn't word wrap too much.

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