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SubjectRe: Help by KConfig expansion
Dear Roman

> You have to modify zconf.l/zconf.y for this and
> regenerate this file
> (check the Makefile). First you have to define the
> keywords in zconf.l
> and then extend the parser in zconf.y to recognize
> them and add the data
> to the internal structures.

I tryed to do this. I saw how the attribute "comment"
is definded in the zconf.l and zconf.y, and definded
the the attribute "autorule" exactly the same way. But
it still don't work. Even though I changed the as well but it still dont work. I
dont understand the switch-case for yyn(line 1274 in Why does a the function
"menu_add_prop(P_COMMENT...)" (line 1587) gets called
by the case 75? How do you declare such a case number?
e.g. case 100 should calle
I seriously wouldn't take your time by asking that, if
I didn't tryed any thing out, what comes up in my
mind. I realy cant figure it out by myself. I send you
diff file(patch) of what I changed. To see me what I
did wrong and what I should do.

Your sincerly


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