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SubjectReiser 4 - the BIG picture - (think BIG picture)
OK - lets reset on the personal attacks stuff. I know there are people 
who like to goat people into fighting about this but STOP IT.

The question that should be answered is - is Reiser4 ready yet - and
that should be answered only by people who actually know what they are
talking about. Someone saying "I had Reiser 3 in 2001 and it crashed my
drive man" has nothing to do with this decision.

So - may I ask ....

Does Reiser 4 break anything? What is the down side of including it?

Does Reiser 4 lack anything that is required? Has it met the criteria
for inclusion?

If Reiser 4 isn't ready then what specifically needs to be done to get
it ready? Let's post a list.

How ready is Reiser 4 compared to other file systems at the point of
inclusion? Is it ripe yet?

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