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SubjectRe: Assertion failed in libata-core.c:ata_qc_complete(3051)
On 9/18/05, Bernardo Innocenti <> wrote:
> Matheus Izvekov wrote:
> >>I have a Promise TX4 controller with 4 SATA drivers
> >>formatted with a RAID1 and a RAID5 md. LVM on top of this.
> >
> > Can you reproduce this with a stock kernel?
> I've just opened the case to install some more RAM and
> noticed that the SATA controller card wasn't completely
> fitted into the PCI slot. Could it be just a hardware
> problem? I don't know what that assartion is about.
> Nowadays, Fedora kernels don't differ much from stock
> kernels plus the usual bugfixes. I've now upgraded to

They still do differ though. When asked to retest with a stock kernel,
indulging the person who asks is usually a good idea if you want your
problem solved :)

> 2.6.13-1.1555-FC5 because it fixes an iptables bug.
> I'll report if I see this bug again.
> > Also, i think it would be
> > better if instead of sending a screenshot, get a serial cable and boot
> > with console=ttyS*
> This is happening on our production server, and there are no
> other computers next to it, so I can't easily hook in a
> serial cable.
netconsole may be a useful alternative for you then.
See Documentation/networking/netconsole.txt

Jesper Juhl <>
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