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SubjectRe: Announce: Sysprof 1.0 -- a sampling, systemwide Linux profiler
On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 12:05:15AM +0200, Soeren Sandmann wrote:

> details. Oprofile may have improved since then, but when I started
> sysprof:
> - oprofile didn't work on anything but smp kernels
> - oprofile could not produce callgraph information without not only
> recompiling my kernel, but also patching the kernel
> - oprofile had a user interface that I simply didn't understand. As I
> remember it, I had to know about performance counters and how to
> translate those into binary masks

This is what you said first time I asked you, none of which explain why
you're continuing this duplication of effort, since *none* of the above
are true any more (and the first /never/ was).

> and you get data presented in a way that is just a whole lot more
> useful than the flat text files generated by oprofile.

Building a GUI around OProfile would have been welcome, but you've
chosen to re-implement the entire stack...

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