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    SubjectRe: [PATCH]: Brown paper bag in fs/file.c?
    From: Dipankar Sarma <>
    Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 01:45:50 +0530

    > Are you running with preemption enabled ? If so, fyi, I had sent
    > out a patch earlier that fixes locking for preemption.
    > Also, what triggers this in your machine ? I can try to reproduce
    > this albeit on a non-sparc64 box.

    No PREEMPT enabled.

    I believe this bug has been around since before your RCU
    changes, I've been seeing it for about half a year.

    My test case is, on a uniprocessor with 1GB of ram, run the
    following in parallel:

    1) In one window, do a plain kernel build of 2.6.x

    2) In another window, in a temporary directory, run this shell code:

    while [ 1 ]
    rm -rf .git *
    cp -a ../linux-2.6/.git .
    git-checkout-cache -a
    git-update-cache --refresh
    echo "Finished one pass..."

    Adjust the path to a vanilla 2.6.x ".git" directory in #2 as needed.

    Sometimes this can trigger in less than a minute. Other times it
    takes 5 or 6 minutes, but other than this variance it is rather

    I think the key is to make sure you don't have any more than 1GB of
    ram for this on a 64-bit box, so that there is sufficient memory
    pressure from all of the ext3 writebacks and other fs activity in
    order to shrink the file table SLABs and thus liberate the pages.
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