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SubjectRE: "Read my lips: no more merges" - aka Linux 2.6.14-rc1
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Alejandro Bonilla Beeche wrote:
> What does "git log" state? Do you have recent state there?
> (ie it should
> have dates in the "Sep 12" kind of timeframe)
> Also, if you have done something earlier that updated your HEAD file
> _without_ actually updating your checked out status, then
> "git checkout"
> may decide that it has nothing to do. You can try "git
> checkout -f" in
> that case.


Thanks for the reply. I'm almost sure I did all the above following Jeff's

I will do it again to make sure. Additionaly, thanks for the git log tip. I
didn't know how to check how new the git tree was.


> Linus

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