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    SubjectRe: "Read my lips: no more merges" - aka Linux 2.6.14-rc1

    On Tuesday, 13 of September 2005 05:34, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > Ok, it's been two weeks (actually, two weeks and one day) since 2.6.13,
    > and that means that the merge window is closed. I've released a
    > 2.6.14-rc1, and we're now all supposed to help just clean up and fix
    > everything, and aim for a really solid 2.6.14 release.
    > Both the diffstat and the shortlog are so big that I can't post them on
    > the kernel mailing list without getting the email killed by the size
    > restrictions, so there's not a lot to say.
    > alpha, arm, x86, x86-64, ppc, ia64, mips, sparc, um.. Pretty much every
    > architecture got some updates. And an absolutely _huge_ ACPI diff, largely
    > because of some re-indentation.
    > drm, watchdog, hwmon, i2c, infiniband, input layer, md, dvb, v4l, network,
    > pci, pcmcia, scsi, usb and sound driver updates. People may appreciate
    > that the most common wireless network drivers got merged - centrino
    > support is now in the standard kernel.
    > On the filesystem level, FUSE got merged, and ntfs and xfs got updated. In
    > the core VFS layer, the "struct files" thing is now handled with RCU and
    > has less expensive locking.
    > And networking changes.
    > In other words, a lot of stuff all over the place. Be nice now, and follow
    > the rules: put away the new toys, and instead work on making sure the
    > stuff that got merged is all solid. Ok?

    My AMD64-based box (Asus L5D) does not resume from disk on battery power
    any more, even if booted with init=/bin/bash.

    I think this is related to Bug #4959, which remains a mistery, but now it
    also does not resume with CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB unset.

    Andi, is it possible that an MCE occurs when the image is copied (ie. while
    the code in arch/x86_64/kernel/suspend_asm.S is being executed)?


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