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SubjectRe: "Read my lips: no more merges" - aka Linux 2.6.14-rc1

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Mathieu Fluhr wrote:
> DVD burning is broken since 2.6.13-rc1 and I checked this
> morning the 2.6.14-rc1: Same status.
> As far as I looked in the source code, it seems to be lots (and lots) of
> changes between these 2 versions, specially regarding block devices
> drivers. But the ChangeLog is so huge that it is quite impossible to
> make a step-by-step upgrade to see _where_ the problem is :-(

Yes, 2.6.12..2.6.13-rc1 was pretty big, However, the IDE driver changes
aren't that big.

None of your bug-reports seem to say even what driver you're using,
though, so it's a bit hard to make any judgement at all.

We at a minimum need to know what driver, and see boot messages (both
working and nonworking), and preferably things like "hdparm -I" output
(again, both working and nonworking) too. Often "lspci -vvx" is useful

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