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SubjectRe: "Read my lips: no more merges" - aka Linux 2.6.14-rc1

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005, Alejandro Bonilla Beeche wrote:
> debian:~# cat getkernelupdate
> #! /bin/bash
> cd linux-2.6
> git pull rsync://
> git checkout
> I use getkernelupdate to "download the updated git with the new patches
> sent.
> If I do make menuconfig, it still says 2.6.13 instead of 2.6.14-rc1.

I suspect that you were just hit by the mirroring delay. The
change to the Makefile is the very last thing I do before a release, so
if the mirrors are slow, you won't get that change for about half an hour
or so..

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