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SubjectRe: locks machine after some time, work fine

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005, Norbert Kiesel wrote:
> I append the lspci -vvv from both and The diff
> between these two is:

Can you do "lspci -vvx" instead (the numbers are actually meaningful:
they say what the hardware has been told, while the symbolic info contains
some stuff that lspci actually gathered through other means by querying
the kernel).

Also, "diff -U 50 working broken" is a really nice way to show not only
the differences - it gives enough context that you can see all the
relevant info from the diff, and you don't even need to show the two
different versions separately (ie the diff itself ends up containing
pretty much all relevant info).

Finally - if you can try to pinpoint it somewhat more (eg "2.6.13-rc3 is
ok, -rc4 is not"), that would be very helpful..

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