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SubjectRe: Fw: [OOPS] 2.6.13-mm2 scsi, sata, ich5

On 12/09/05, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> This is a strange trace. I assume one of the WARN_ON()s in
> kref_put() has triggered and there's stack stuff missing. Or
> Maybe it's an oops under scsi_end_request(), but the oops trace doesn't
> use show_trace(), whcih that output is from. But if it's not
> an oops, why is the Code: dump there.
> Head spins. Michal, can you try to gather another trace? Is there
> info missing from this one?
> (It's quite possibly a scsi thing rather than a sata thing, btw).

The oops always hapen about 3 seconds after system start booting. When
it hapen I can't see what is up, because shift+pageup doesn't work.
So, AFAIK the only way to catch that oops is serial console?

Michal Piotrowski
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