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SubjectRe: pm_register should die

Jivin Pavel Machek lays it down ...
> Hi!
> pm_register has been obsoleted by driver model, and it was deprecated
> quite long time ago. There are only 13 users left.
> Attached is a patch that makes pm_register config-option, so that we
> don't get the warnings on sane systems. Pretty please, remove usage of
> pm_register from your subsystem.
> IRDA has no usefull MAINTAINER entry; it would be nice if that could
> be fixed. Alan is best contact I could find for ad1848... does someone
> care about that driver, anyway? nm256_audio is written by
> anonymous. Wonderfull...
> Okay, it seems to me only users that matter are mtdcore, 3c509 and
> maybe h3600_ts_input. After those are fixed, it should be okay to just
> config it out/remove pm_register completely.

Feel free to clean out pm_register usage in:


there's not much in there that cannot be added later if actually required,


David McCullough,, Custom Embedded Solutions + Security
Ph:+61 734352815 Fx:+61 738913630
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