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SubjectRe: git tag in localversion
On 9/12/05, Andrea Arcangeli <> wrote:
> Hello,
> The patch that adds the git tag in the localversion is screwing klive a
> bit, see the 2.6.13-g* entries in
> Those are supposed to go in the homepage but they're not recognized
> anymore due the git tag and so they go in the unknown page.
> So either we add a branch name in /proc/branch (for mainline that will
> be "2.6.13 mainline", that tells the release number and the branch, or I
> shall do a bit more of regexp on the localversion). The branch tag has
> the advantage of being able to more reliably recognize non-mainline
> kernels as well, klive was made for mainline, I didn't expect so many
> users with vendor kernels, but that's ok as long as the regexp on uname
> -r works ;). The regexp is already falling apart with distro like
> debian, so the sort of /proc/branch was suggested by them infact.
> Yet another way would be to remove the git tag from the localversion ;),
> but I doubt that it would be ok with you since it'd pratically backout
> the feature. I don't think it would be enough for you to have the git
> tag in /proc, the way I understand it you want it in the uts_release to
> avoid overwriting
> Suggestions welcome thanks.

I think this question better be addressed to Ian or Sam (Andrea, did
you pick a wrong entry from your address book?), adding them to CC...

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